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If what you seek is a calmly and relaxed vacational experience, this is your web. Come now to Muros del Nalón or maybe to Cudillero!

Cudillero: https://www.cudillero.es/

Muros: https://www.murosdenalon.es/

Contact Us: cudimuros@gmaIl.com

Translation by: Manuel Palomares García

The two towns

Both of them are beautiful places, but, Which one does adjust more to you?

Muros del Nalón is a rural village but with the sea very near, its an small place compared with Cudillero, but it has more variety of things counting with San Esteban de Pravia in the same council at only 2 miles away from square to square.

Cudillero is a bigger council than Muros del Nalón, the town hall of Cudillero is located beside the port, this is the perfect place for the people who seek to experience the traditions of the fishermans.

IES Selgas (Cudillero)
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